In Need of a Permit to Work at Heights?

We often get asked what types of forms can we put onto our Motivity Workforce app, and the answer is pretty much anything.

One of today's tasks has been setting up a Permit to Work at Heights form for one of our customers in the automated door industry.

They do a lot of work on rail and underground stations where documentating adherance to safety procedures is paramount.

They simply sent us a copy of their paper form and we did the rest, with an electronic copy being made available to their engineers automatically.

Now...rather than having reams of paper pads to carry on site with them, if they need a permit they just:-

  • Go into the Motivity Workforce App
  • Tap on Additional Forms
  • Pick out the Permit to Work at Heights form.
  • Fill in the relevant sections (some of which are pre-populated)
  • Get signature from the customer at the start and then at the end.
  • The permit documentation will be automatically sent to the engineers office (and optionally to the customer too)


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