Still using paper vehicle condition reports? - We can help...

Paper based weekly van check sheets are an administrative pain.

  •  Engineers have to remember to fill them in at the start of each week.
  •  They have to then remember to drop them off at the office next time they visit.
  •  When the office get them, they need to read through them to identify any problems.  
  •  Any problems found could be over a week old depending on when the engineer dropped the check sheet off.
  •  The reports then need to be filed in an ever expanding filing cabinet should they be required in the future.


Today, we're helping another company move off the paper vehicle checksheets so the engineers can fill them in electronically instead.'s not just a case of replacing paper with an on-screen version :- 

  • Motivity will proactively alert engineers at the start of the week to carry out the vehicle or van check.
  • It can optionally force them to complete it before being able to start any job.
  • Configure mandatory questions for the important checks and optional ones for reporting other less critical things
  • Engineers can include photos that get embeded into the vehicle check report that goes back to the office.
  • As soon as the engineer completes the report it is sent back to the office and filed electronically under their personnel records in Motivity.
  • At the office, it cuts out the process of checking each form by getting Motivity to only alert you to situations that are important - such as a 'crack in the windscreen'


In a well as saving paper.....

  • You'll be getting all reports back on time, every time
  • They will be filed correctly for easy retrieval
  • It saves time not having to check every form and only be alerted when there are problems.


If you're interested, why not get in touch for a free trial today - call us on 0114 243 5544





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