Time Is Money - 6 ways Motivity Mobile can improve your customer service response rates!

We are all consumers in one form or another, we all purchase products or services every day of our lives and we all crave good customer service. Think of the last time you had a bad customer service experience; did you use that company again? Probably not, or at least it made you resent using that company, in fact, in 2011, 86% of customers who have had a bad customer service experience did not do business with that company again.

Good customer service is essential for every business to achieve, 81% of consumers are more likely to give a company repeated business after good service.  Many businesses put great effort in pursuing great customer service, those that do prioritise their customer experience generate 60% higher profits than their competitors.

So we've established customer service is very important for companies to achieve, one area that is frequently mentioned in customer service is time. As much of a cliché as it is, time is money and people value their time very highly.  According to Zendesk, 92% of customers in the UK cite speed of response as important and 91% cite speed of resolution as important. Consumers want to be dealt with quickly and they want a resolution to the problem quickly, if you don't give them this they will leave and go to a company that will. This makes it essential for companies to react in a timely fashion.

When the problem resides externally however, it can take time to get an engineer to the problem, take time to fix the problem and take more time to communicate between these steps. 

Motivity Mobile speeds up your customer service significantly through a number of innovative features:

Effective Communication

Field staff don't need to be waiting around for instructions as all work orders and job information is sent to the staff members device from the office instantly, speeding up the reaction time to problems in the field.

All jobs on one map!

Field staff can view all of their jobs on one map along with the relevant customer information, this saves staff searching for directions and searching for the customer's information, improving the efficiency of every staff member in the field and speeding up job completion.

All information attached digitally!

A host of information can be attached to each job digitally, including photos, signatures etc. so all the relevant information is in one place, eradicating document search time and lost data.

Same day Invoicing

An invoice doesn't need to take days to be sent, real-time proof of job completion is sent instantly, allowing you to invoice in the same day!

Know where engineers are at all times

With Motivity Mobile, you can pinpoint the location of your field engineers, eliminating the confusion and allowing them to be as efficient as possible when travelling to other jobs.

Don't wait for mobile signal!

With a lot of other mobile workforce management software, you need a mobile signal to record any job information, this can add time to any job, as you need to wait or search for a signal. With Motivity Mobile if you have no signal you can still record data, it just updates automatically when you have signal! This eliminates the wait/search time for signal.  

Motivity Mobile has been created to help you achieve great customer service, it's features allow you to react to any customers problem in a timely and highly efficient manner.  Remember, it's 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one!


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