Why sending your engineers to their local Caf' and NOT your office CAN make your business more productive.

Picture the scene,  engineer Dave has just completed an excellent job at one of your customer sites across the other side of the city. He now has to get in his van and battle his way through the traffic to drop off his daily job sheets and pick up his work for tomorrow.

On a good day it could be 30 mins - on a bad day 1 hour?

That's almost 1/2 a day a week wasted!

 With Motivity,  Dave can see all the jobs he has to do on his smartphone or tablet.   At the end of each job he simply completes the electronic job sheet and at the push of a button they will be transmitted back instantly to your office.

The only driving he needs to do now - is to go to his next job.

Rather than driving to drop off the sheets - give him  Motivity and 5 mins in the local Caf and he could even send them back via their free wi-fi!

Happy engineers, happy customers and a quick boost to the local economy.


Need convincing?   Take our free trial and see for yourselves.



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