Certificates Of Conformity

A busy few months - Quick Update on Projects

We thought it would be a good idea just to summarise some of the projects we've been working on.

  • Repair and Service Sheets for Mobile Elecricians -  They are service partners for UKs top industrial battery manufacturers (used in Forklift trucks etc). Motivity will generate the correct service sheet for the relevant battery company too - rather than then carrying around loads of different job sheet pads.
  • More service sheets for Industrial Door Companies - Different check sheets generated for each type of door, dock leveller, barrier etc.
  • Silo inspections - Motivity is being used by engineers to complete very complex multi-page service reports
  • Glazing Repairs - A new industry for Motivity.  The company in question can now complete repair reports on site with photos and they can be e-mailed directly to their own customers head office.
  • Commercial Kitchens - Fabric / Ventilation / Kitchen Installer reports
  • Commercial Catering - Equipment Installation, Repair and Service Reports
  • Industrial Door - Certificates of Conformity
  • Water Cooler Installation and supply deliveries.   This nationwide company have replaced paper pads with Motivity to help improve delivery and collection reporting.

 If you work in similar industries and would like to know how Motivity can help you - then just fill in our contact form and we'll call you back.

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