Fireserv uk deliver time critical
services to 1000s of clients


Fireserv uk supply, install & maintain a range of security alarms, door access control systems, CCTV and fire alarms in the East Midlands.

Fireproof uk, their sister company provide extinguisher supply and service, health & safety checks, as well as fire risk assessments.

“We want our customers to see that we are professional, efficient and reliable”


"“It has definitely changed the way we work.
We are more organised. We have found a great system to work with and it does make life easier.”"

Kerry Bungart, Director, Fireserve uk Ltd











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Leicestershire fire and security services businesses, Fireserv uk and Fireproof uk use Motivity to carry out thousands of customer site visits, professionally and with ease.

Kerry Bungart, Director of both Fireproof uk and Fireserv uk says that it is critical that fire and security equipment is regularly maintained and complies with British Standards. Fire extinguishers need to be maintained annually, while fire alarms need to be maintained twice a year, four times depending on the size of the installation. Intruder alarms should be maintained annually. With over two thousand customers each with different timescales, they found it increasingly complex to schedule maintenance visits manually. The worst-case scenario would be for a customer to miss their service date, which could leave them and their business vulnerable. 

Not first choice

Kerry Bungart says Motivity wasn’t their first choice. They had chosen a different workforce scheduling system, however experienced a number of problems with that system. They were not happy with the layout or the way jobs needed to be entered. It made life more difficult, it was not as easy as they expected it to be.

Looked professional

Their business partner John Ives did a lot of research before he discovered Motivity.

“We did an online trial and liked the look of it. The system looked professional, easy to use, and it would give both our companies the results we wanted.

While out on site, our engineers would have all the information they needed on their handheld devices, the customer can sign the job docket and it is then sent straight back to the office.

We wanted a system that would help speed up the paperwork side. As soon as the job is received into the office a job docket can be raised and immediately sent back to the customer for their records.

We are more efficient and it looks more professional than handwritten job sheets and reports.”

No need to store paperwork

Previously they had to store job sheets and job dockets for a number of years, “Now everything goes on the computer. You have to make sure you’ve got your backups in place. But once that’s sorted, it is proving to be a lot more effective.”   Now storage space is not an issue in the office.

Engineers get information immediately

The system needed to be simple for their ‘on the road’ technicians and engineers to use, providing simple access to all the information they needed to get the job done, “Our engineers need to see what jobs are to be done. When there are emergencies, they need to immediately receive all the information required.”  

Bespoke Forms Created

Appstation, the company behind Motivity, worked with Kerry and her colleagues to turn their existing paper based forms into electronic forms. A key requirement was that their engineers and customers only see the information relevant to them, while the office would have access to more detailed information. They also wanted to ensure that both back office and customer-facing forms were compliant with BAFE, ISO9001 and British Standards. 

Saves admin and effort

Motivity saves the company time because they don’t have to wait for engineers to drop in the paperwork,  “Jobs can be completed on the handheld, sent back to us, and we can get on with the invoicing and sorting out the job sheets for the customer.”  Also, the question and answer format means their engineers don’t miss information off the forms, saving admin from having to chase information. Quotations and purchase orders are easier to raise, with just a click of a button the documents are prepared with customers name, address, date and the next generic quote/purchase order number. 

Less paperwork and clutter

The biggest benefit is that there is less paperwork and clutter. “You can access all the information from the jobs at the push of a button. You can go back into the history of the jobs, you can attach quotes and purchase orders to related jobs. There’s a lot of information you can attach to it, so that you have all the information related to one specific job.”

Helps with forward planning

Motivity has helped both Fireserv uk and Fireproof uk to be more efficient and keep track of jobs coming in and going out. “We can see when someone is on route to a job, when they have started or completed the job, and how long it has taken, which helps with forward planning.”

Responsive support service

When they first installed the system, they experienced a couple of glitches with the computers and handhelds, which required a simple reboot. But haven’t had as many issues as they anticipated,

“We call Motivity and get an immediate response. Even if we have to leave a message, it is usually within half an hour, especially where it is something urgent. They do come straight back to us.”


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