IDS are gaining more business
and increasing turnover


Industrial Door Systems (IDS) install, service and repair a wide variety of industrial doors, gates shutters and loading bays throughout the country. Their customers range from the smallest businesses to the UK's largest companies, with 100 staff and service engineers looking after their clients.

"Getting the job sheet signed on the little tablet has proved so successful. Motivity has not only cut down massively on the paperwork, it has increased the efficiency of the company"

Jeff Barnett, Managing Director


“It has allowed us to increase turnover, which is a big thing. We've done an extra THREE QUARTERS of a MILLION turnover since.”

Jeff Barnett, Managing Director

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A leading industrial door solutions business say that using Appstation's Motivity Workforce app has made them more efficient, helping them to win more business and increase turnover.

Sole provider of industrial door and services to the Royal Mail, IDS also look after major supermarkets with huge distribution warehouses.

"When a shutter breaks down it has the be 'same-day service' - guaranteed"

Pre-historic operation

Jeff Barnett, Managing Director of Industrial Door Systems says they were "paper-mad" before Motivity. They used a T-card system, buying worksheets in bulk, which were five-fold, with copies for the Service desk, the customer, the engineer and so forth. Storing, archiving and searching for information was in a word, awful.

"We were pre-historic in what we were doing. Engineers were trundling back to hand job sheets in. We wanted to cut all of that out and be more professional in our operation."

Needed to go paperless

The company decided that they needed to go paperless. They got a few quotations, before deciding on Appstation' s because of their professional approach. IDS liked the fact that Appstation didn't push everythin on them at once - letting them learn step-by-step.

Work with Sage 200

Their key requirements were for a system that would work with Sage 200, their accounting software. It needed to be user friendly and simple for engineers (with big fingers) to use. And, they needed to 'trial run' it before rolling it out to their entire service force.

"We trialled it with a couple of engineers and a service manager. After a month we rolled it out to all the engineers, and haven't looked back since."

Solve hire returns problem

The also wanted to address a major problem where they were losing money because hire equipment was left on site. With some hire equipment costing £400 to £500 a week, the cost of leaving equipment on site mounted up.

To tackle the 'left hire equipment' problem, Appstation added a mandatory tick box item into their Motivity app, which automatically notifies the service desk within minutes of the job being done, flagging up if any hire equipment has been left behind. The service manager can then take the necessary steps to return the equipment and terminate the contract,

Streamlined business

Since implementing Motivity, the business has become streamlined says Jeff, "Getting the job sheet signed on the little tablet has proved so successful. Motivity has not only cut down massively on the paperwork, it has increased the efficiency of the company." The system which has been integrated with Sage 200, has improved the invoicing process too, allowing IDS to invoice on the same day.

Customers think it's great

Jeff says their customers think the system's great because IDS engineers can do risk assessments there and then.

"It not only improves efficiency for us, it has helped our customers tremendously."

Using Motivity, engineers can relay any problems back to head office. And, as customers get a prompt quotation for the work, the service team can get on with the job.

"The fact we get the quotations out the same date makes us look marvellous in the customers' eyes"

Updates done in a day

Leona Hilton, Head of the Admin at IDS says the Motivity Workforce app has save them a significant amount of time. Before, when they collated updates for some of their larger customers, they had to trawl through the paperwork to find the information they needed.

Today, they can extract the same detailed information straight away using a simple reference number. It used to take them a week to do 30 customer updates. Now they do them in a day - saving four 'admin-days' a week.

Saves 1000s of service hours

IDS are saving money and time because previously the fitter needed to travel back to do the work. Using the tablet has streamlined everything says Jeff. He estimates they are saving at least half an hour per service engineer per day - a staggering thousand hours a month.

Operating a well-tuned machine

Motivity is helping in other ways too. It lets them know when a service contract is due, when an installation is due, and because it connected to supplies - they know when materials are in.

"You know where things are. It is like operating a machine that is well-tuned."

A calm efficient office

The system has been of significant benefit to the business says Jeff, "Appstation told us where they thought we'd benefit, and it's done that and a bit more." The company is more efficient and productive, and looks a lot mote professional, he says."In the office, instead of running around like an idiot, everything is more calm and collected."

A boost in revenue

The resulting boost in revenue is one of the biggest benefits says Jeff. "It has allowed us to increase turnover, whic is a big thing. We've done an extra three quarter million on turnover since." There has been a cost to implementing Motivity Workforce, but it is money well spent.

"We are working well to getting our money back even after the first year."


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