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JTM are experts in commercial laundry and warewashing equipment sales, rental and maintenance solutions to the care home, hospital, facilities management, hospitality and animal care sectors. Based in Leeds, JTM provide specialist maintenance services to clients located as far north as the Scottish borders and the Midlands in the south.

"It makes things a lot easier. You can look at a job you've just been to. Or, if you need to look at a job you will be doing in a few days time, it's there. You can plan things."

Russell Churchill, Senior Engineer

“I can't think of anything they can improve on this. It just ticks all our boxes.”

Leanne Barraclough, Director of Finance

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Leeds-based commercial laundry and warewashing sales and maintenance firm, JTM say Motivity is invaluable to their business, on the road and in the office.

Leanne Barraclough, Director of Finance at JTM says their aim was to grow the business, increase geographic reach, and take on more engineers. However, realised that a paper based system would not support their long-term growth ambitions. The had to find a better way of managing workflow, allocating jobs and capturing data.

"Logistically it was becoming a bit of a nightmare trying to get paperwork out to engineers and get their calls out to them for the next day."

Typing up reports took ages

After each job their maintenance engineers recorded each job on a paper form, noting critical information such as product details, part numbers, serial numbers, electrical supplies, and time spent on this job.  This data had to then be sent back to the office and typed up.

"Our engineers would travel to the office to pick up paperwork, and bring their paperwork and job reports back. This was then manually typed up onto ServiceLife. It used to take us ages."

Increasing admin burden

Leanne says that with more maintenance engineers on the road, it was becoming "really admin heavy and we needed to streamline the system so that it would help engineers working remotely."  With twelve engineers on the road doing at least six jobs a day each, the admin team could be capturing data from 72 jobs or more each day. This could easily take a 'man-day' to complete, spending a mere six to seven minutes per report. 

An easier way to store and retrieve job reports

Storage, archiving and finding job reports and paperwork was a major factor in their decision to automate, "We have everything stored in archive boxes in a warehouse. The last thing you want to do is to start digging through boxes to find one job report"  says Leanne. And, having acheived ISO9001 and ISO4001 accreditation, they were keen to cut paper usage and 'do their bit' for the environment.

Invoice far quicker

From a finance perspective, using Motivity means they can invoice quicker. "The system is invaluable to us now. We have strick KPIs when we need to invoice within a day of the job being done. The quicker we get invoices out, the quicker we get our money in. Not having wasted trips and unnecessary paperwork is a big thing for us as well."

Know where engineers are

Lesley Hawksworth, the Service Administrator at JTM says that they now know at any time where engineers are. "You save time as you're not looking for an engineer. When an urgent call comes in, you know where they are."  She adds that it has benefited their relationships with clients too. "You have an answer when somebody rings. You can say 'the engineer is en route to you now' or is running a bit late. It keeps clients happy. It just works for us."

Send info at a 'push of a button'

Russell Churchill, the senior engineer at JTM says there was always an issue with the paper-based system, with long delays between the job being done and the office receiving the information. "Now, as soon as you press the 'complete' button, the information is there on the screen for the office to see." 

Stock control is surprisingly easy

Russell says Motivity is much better that any other systems he has used because it enables engineers to go back to previous jobs and add details of parts used.

"When I started using Motivity for stock control, I was surprised how easy it was. We are able to go back and see what we'd used, instead of writing it on a bit of paper, and losing that paper".

Simpler way of restocking parts

The engineers are also more confident that the right parts will be on the van when they need it.  "We use the system to monitor the stock better. If we don't have a part on the van we can't fix the machines. So, if the part doesn't go back on the van because an engineer has forgotten to fill it in on his paperwork or re-order the part, there is a trail we can now follow."

Make better use of engineers' time

Russell says that before they moved over to Motivity their engineers would do a day's work and then go home and spend another half an hour tidying up the paperwork.

"Now, you finish your last job, press 'complete' and that is you done for the day."

They have also saved time phoning the office at the start of the day.

"There was half an hour in the morning where no-one was contactable because they were receiving calls. Now we can plan things better. We know where we are going to be the next morning."

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