R & MA Stewart record
35,000 jobs with ease

For over 30 years, R&MA Stewart has delivered electrical engineering solutions to hundreds of clients across the south east of England, including local authorities, housing associations, local government, as well as private and domestic clients.

"Ithas revolutionised the way we work. We have managed to dispense with the old paper forms and now everything is electronic."

““I can’t speak highly enough of them. They are very good. What they provide us with is first rate. If there have been any issues, they always sort it out very quickly.”

Daren Stewart, Managing Director,
R&MA Stewart

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Switching over to Motivity enabled electrical engineering firm to end the massive admin task of processing and filing over 300,000 pieces of paper each year.

Their team of field engineers carry out large and small-scale electrical projects, including industrial and commercial installations, street and estate lighting, as well
as maintenance and repairs. Daren Stewart, managing director of R&MA Stewart says that they completed in the region of 25,000 to 35,000 jobs a year, manually recording each of these jobs. And, as each job involved ten pieces of paper, which all had to be signed, processed and filed, they found the admin burden was getting bigger and the time on jobs getting slower.

Time delay in processing paperwork

“The engineers have to sign all the pieces of paper that they touch. Everything needed to filed and stored.” The company wanted to be able to update their system in real time, says Daren Stewart, “On the old manual system, the data was updated, but anyassociated files would take four to five days before they were uploaded.”

Needed to work with existing IT

R&MA Stewart searched for a solution that would help them reduce the admin burden and that would work with their existing bespoke IT system created by Bright Interactive. Daren discovered Motivity after doing an online search, and liked what he saw, “It has revolutionised the way we work. We have managed to dispense with the old paper forms and now everything is electronic.”

Seamless roll-out

The roll-out of the system, which took three to four weeks, went very smoothly says Daren, “We staged the roll-out and thought we were heading for a ‘car crash’ with it. After twenty years of pen and paper, to suddenly give our engineers a PDA. But it went seamlessly. The technical help from Motivity was first rate.”

Thumbs up from engineering

R&MA Stewart electrical engineer, Rob Bristow says Motivity gives him the information he needs to do the job before he gets to the client site. He admits he initially thought the handhelds would be a nightmare to use, “I thought they were going to crash all the time and that we were not going to be able to do what we needed to do. But, we haven’t had that problem.”

Rob adds that he likes the simplicity of the system and how straightforward it is to use, “It didn’t take long to pick it up and learn how to use it. It has made us more advanced than a lot of other companies. We can do a job and within minutes the office will know what we have done. We don’t have any paperwork to do now, because it is all on the handheld. I can complete a job on site and leave for the next job. I don’t have to think of it again – it is all done.

Simpler project management

R&MA Stewart project manager, Ken Symeon says that they are more efficient now because they know exactly where their people are and what jobs they are working on, “We don’t have to issue the work all in one go, we can see on our display board who is available and send work out straight away.”

Taking photos before, during and after the job also provides clear evidence that the job was carried out properly and makes them look good in the eyes of their customers, says Ken, “Our customers can see we have carried out the work and everything is satisfactory. They can log onto our online ‘job management system’ and see the work instantly as well.”

Increased productivity

The system has enabled R&MA Stewart to increase productivity without increasing their
administrative costs says Daren. Their engineers are saving two to three hours travelling
time per day too, because they no longer need to come into the office. “It has reduced
our remote workers’ travelling time, bearing in mind some would travel 25-30 miles to get
here and then back 30 miles. The engineers now receive the work remotely and provide
updates on completed jobs remotely.”

Great customer feedback

R&MA Stewart report that their customers love the system, “All the feedback has been very positive, with the simplicity of the client interface and the information coming back from Motivity. It exceeds a lot of their own in-house systems.”

Get what it says on the tin

Daren says he would certainly recommend Motivity because of the people they dealwith.

“You get ‘what is written on the side of the tin’. You are dealing with people on a one-to-one basis who understand exactly what you want.”

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