Air Options - Case Study


Air options came to Appstation with a need to streamline procedures around the office and in the field, reduce administration and reduce paperwork, so they could focus on their main priority - their customers.

"After much research, including trialling different devices and software, we finally found a product that worked perfectly, in connecting our admin team to our engineers in the field, in relaying information back and forth."
Sophie Squires, Air Options

Reduction in paperwork and processing time

We needed an app that could be integrated with our CRM, to considerably reduce paperwork in the field and the hours we spend processing the same. Appstation's Motivity Mobile system has allowed us to free up our time and to concentrate on efficiency elsewhere, consequently benefitting our customers.

Complete and easy to use solution

From job despatch, through to capturing our customer's signature on completion of visit, Motivity provides a complete and easy to use solution. Motivity allows us to hold a searchable parts database, take digital photos, record assets and action specific requests. The system automatically sends updates regarding job progress and allows you to prompt field-based staff with site-specific action points.

Custom Business Forms

Appstation (the company behind Motivity Mobile), can also build custom business forms into the system, something we are looking to utilise in the form of warehouse stock allocation.

Efficient and Accurate Tracking

Being a Refcom accredited firm, we are expected to work to the very highest standards in managing our refrigerated gasses and protecting the environment. With this in mind, we needed a simpler and more efficient way of tracking our refrigerant gas cylinders in the field.  Motivity Mobile enabled us to do this with the utmost accuracy and efficiency!

Reduction in data input error

We required the app to allocate gas bottles to our engineers in the field, with minimal margin for error when inputting. Motivity Mobile allows our engineers to simply scan bar codes, saving time inputting data, but more importantly eliminating user error as serial numbers can be input incorrectly.

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