Micbex discover key to
efficiency and improved cashflow


Micbex Engineering are specialists in supplying maintaining and servicing commercial catering equipment within the M25. Their clients include hotels, restaurants, pub groups, nursing homes and prisons, amongst others - any organisation that has a commercial kitchen.

"We are very happy with the way the system works.  The value for us outweighs what we are spending monthly.  It is definitely a cost that has a massive benefit for us."

Michael Ryan, Managing Director


“Would we go back to paper? No!
That would be a step backward.”

Michael Ryan, Managing Director

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Dartford-based commercial catering equipment supply and maintenance business say Motivity's "real-time" information has been key improving business efficiency.

Lisa Ryan, director of Micbex Engineering Ltd says that their aim is to respond quickly to service calls, attending calls within 48 hours if possible. However, they lacked real time information about the jobs engineers were working on, whether the engineer had completed the work, or was running late. They were therefore unable to keep customers adequately informed about when they could expect the engineer to arrive.

Lisa started investigating potential mobile workforce systems when they had their microwave at home repaired. 

"I started quizzing the engineer about the handheld system he was using, and whether information went back to the office. I just thought it is something we really need to address. That was the catalyst."  

Their existing software vendor suggested they take a look at Motivity.

"Motivity is key in improving efficiency in the business."  

Handwritten worksheets

Dealing with the paperwork was one of the biggest challenges says Lisa, 

"Our engineers used to take out paper worksheets. They would have to hand write those, get the customer to sign on site, and leave a copy on site."

Difficult to decipher

With engineers covering a vast geographic area they didn't always get the paperwork back very quickly. And, when they did get the paperwork back, the office often found it difficult to decipher what the engineers had written, or found that some vital information, such as a serial number was missing. 

Delays in processing paperwork

Because the office didn't get the paperwork promptly. they weren't able to get quotations out to customers or close down calls for a customer quickly enough. The delay in returning paperwork also meant that it could take a qhile for the client to be invoiced.

Insight into job status

The office did not know at any one time where their engineers were and what jobs they were working on. They would ring up the engineers during the day to find out what the status of a job was, if they had attended a call, had finished a call, or whether parts were required.

"Having Motivity has made the process slicker and as a result our customers are much happier with our service."

Keep customers informed

Having real time information on jobs enables Micbex to respond quickly and efficiently to customer queries.

"Customers ring up asking what time the engineer will be there, what the situation is, asn what the engineer found on the job. It means we have an informed answer when they call to find out what has gone on."

Improves cash flow

Using Motivity enables Micbex to get invoices out much quicker and as a result has improved their cashflow says Lisa.

"We get the worksheets back immediately, so we can invoice the customer the same day. If you are invoicing the same day, it's fresh in the customer's mind, and generally you get invoices paid quicker. So basically it improves cash flow"

Focus on capturing job data

Before, their engineers would need to write everything out by hand, including the customer details, the date and time they attended. Now they don't have to complete any of that information. They only need to fill out what they found on the job says Lisa.

"It's much quicker entering data on a handheld than writing a worksheet from scratch. From that point of view, it's very good."

Know what parts to order

A major benefit of using Motivity is that the engineers can take photos on their phones, of data plates for example, which is then attached (automatically) to the job with the same job number. Though engineers may have written down the serial number, they may not have captured all the information required by the office.

"It is very good to have that information to refer back to when you are doing quotes, or when you are requesting parts from suppliers."

Makes us look professional

Michael Ryan, MD of Micbex Engineering Ltd says their engineers don't carry paper anymore because everything they need is on the handheld.

"We can check back on jobs for a customer going back years if needed. We can let customers know, 'this is when where were last here and this is what we did for you.'

It definitely makes us look more professional."

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