Going digital delivered
more than anticipated
for Neopost

Going digital delivered 
more than anticipated  
for Neopost


A global provider of digital communications and shipping solutions found that Appstation’s Motivity Workforce app was the perfect fit for their field services organisation.

"My key objective was to improve the working environment for our engineers, providing them with the tools that enable working together, driving efficiencies and moving them towards digital technology."

Warren Tait, Neopost UK Operations Director


“You can see the increase in efficiencies, especially with engineers sharing the work.”

Andrew Smith, Neopost


“The reaction from customers has been really positive. It allows us to be more responsive to requests and further enhances our professional reputation.”

Andrew Smith, Neopost

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Neopost is a global provider of digital communications and shipping solutions. Its mission is to guide and support organisations in how they send and receive communications and goods, helping them better connect with their business environment through hardware and software services.

A nationwide team of 60+ field engineers in the UK deliver both reactive and preventative maintenance services to customers located across the country. Backed up by a Customer Contact Centre and a team of Area Service Managers, the Service team aim to provide ‘best in class’ support to all their customers.

Andrew Smith, Area Service Manager at Neopost says, “Our Field Service Team provides on-site support for both Hardware and Software Solutions for customers from Small Business Units to Blue Chip Corporate Partners.”

Replacing a carbon copy system

For many years the company used a carbon copy paper-based system. Hand written with multiple copies shared with the customer and Service administration team, then manually hand scanned for archiving, to enable access for any follow up queries received. With hand-written carbon paper reports came the challenges of missed information and hand writing legibility.

Going digital was the answer

“We needed to go digital but needed the right solution. An engineer attending a customer site with a piece of carbon paper was quite embarrassing, especially when we were helping many customers with Software Solutions to improve their processes. I picked up the project thinking, I want to make it simple. The first objective was to have a digital form on the phone. I searched the internet and found two companies that appeared to offer the type of solution we required – one being Motivity, developed by Appstation.”

Asked for a digital form

Their first request was for a digital form, says Andrew. “Understanding I.T Project timescales, I was keen to introduce a digital system quickly and seamlessly therefore a basic digital form was the first objective. Appstation convinced me that it would be easy to integrate with our CRM system. From day one Appstation knew how field services work, how engineers work and how to link to our CRM system.”

Project completed in two months

Within two months the project was signed off and delivered, including full integration with Neopost’s CRM system, The out of the box solution allowed Neopost a quick roll out and with the easy to use screen navigation, they immediately realised the full benefit.

“This is incredible for an IT solution. During development we had a beta testing environment to make sure that the full integration worked before we released to go live. Early Field Engineer engagement during the testing was critical to a successful phased deployment to our workforce.”

A strong business case for Motivity

Accessing the CRM system remotely was one of the biggest frustrations for the fieldbased engineers. Part of the business case for implementing Motivity was that engineers were spending a large part of their day accessing remotely. Using Motivity saves them a significant amount of time because they’re not having to remotely connect to the company VPN & CRM.

Andrew says the seamless integration enabled Neopost’s field engineers to move over to the new digital process with ease.

“There was a funny story where a link was broken, and engineers were told to revert to the carbon paper backup: The engineers hated it. We then realised we couldn’t go back.”

Good feedback from engineers

Today, everything is done via the Motivity platform. “Nobody likes change, but the feedback we had from engineers was very good. We needed it to work first time and it did. Engineers had been filling in paperwork for over 20 years, going digital without fearing ‘big brother’ was key, and engineer involvement during testing was a crucial part of gaining acceptance.”

Instant activity alert on phone

Neopost engineers now receive an instant activity alert on their phone, telling them whether it’s a breakdown or a routine service. All the information they need about the activity is right there, including site & service history. The process is so much simpler says Andrew, “The engineer arrives, completes the work, books out any parts fitted, captures a signature and moves on to the next job.”

Viewing engineer status

The Service Management team can now see the status of an engineer at any given time. Whether they are travelling or working at a customer site. In addition, all reports are archived within Motivity, making it easy for the service team to access, recall and send digitally.

Timely and relevant customer surveys

An additional benefit of the system is the ability to survey customers immediately after the work is completed, says Andrew. “Motivity has allowed us to send customers a digital service report, including a link to a customer service survey. Providing us with instant feedback on the service visit and an opportunity to quickly interact with customers where feedback shows an opportunity to enhance the service visit outcome.” Instead of a generic survey, Neopost are now able to target questions so that they are relevant to their engineer experience.

Excellent feedback from customers

The new system has provided excellent feedback from the customers. Neopost are now able to deal with any issues as they arise, allocate engineers to deal with urgent customer requests, and let customers know when an engineer is on their way.

“The reaction from customers has been really positive. It allows us to be more responsive to requests and further enhances our professional reputation.”

Teamwork function has increased call rate

The greatest efficiencies have come from a teamwork feature, which enables engineers to check what other jobs need doing in the area, such as regular preventative maintenance.

“Instead of a purely reactive service, engineers are able to work more efficiently during their day, sharing team workload and spend more time customer facing. As a result, our activity rate has increased. Team Communication and instant activity assignment has provided field engineers with more control and better visibility of their workload.”

New features in the pipeline

Neopost has just started using a ‘supported documents’ feature that provides an engineer with a lot more supporting information to help with an installation, for instance. The next step is to enable engineers to see their actual stock without having to go back to their car. They are also looking at adding a ‘vehicle check’ feature.

“The people at Appstation always pick up the phone. They always help out. If there is any development work to be done, they give us guidance and help us implement it.”

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