Assigning Default Values to Custom Workflow Questions

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Having set up some questions on your workflow you can make these default to values if required.... 


@@job/attribute/SignName Personnel Name (e.g. Engineer / Driver)
@@job/column/notes    This will pull through the notes entered when creating the job
@@job/attribute/JQ-{external reference of the job question] This will pull through the value from a job question
@@personnel/question/{external ref of field} Value from custom question in personnel (Entity Question)
@@customer/question/{external ref of field}  
@@site/question/{external ref of field}  
@@contact/question/{external ref of field}  
 These two will allow you to record time to next destination within the main workflow (and make it mandatory if reqd) rather than asking at the end of the job (which is optional)
@@cmd/calendar/edit/+ 6 months, - 1 day
Use this to set a date field to be a specific date from now.  This example shows 6 months less one day.  NB to add multiple calculations make sure they are separated by a comma and a space as per this example.
Use this on repeating question blocks to pull in the answer from the previous block of questions you fill in
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