Explanation of Time and Travel Fields for PDFs

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PDF Field Name Meaning
Per Visit Time Fields  
qa_end_work   when job visit is put on hold or finished      (_1, _2 etc for additional on-holds)
qa_finish_date_time this is the final date/time the visit was finally finished (then completed and sent back to office)
qa_time_leaving_job time setting off to travel from visit to final destination
qa_time_arriving_at_des arriving at final destination
visit_completed_at Finish time on site or arrival at final destination - whichever is later
Calcuations Available per visit  
on_site_duration    On Site to Finish Work
visit_elapsed_duration         Start Travel through to End of Work
visit_elapsed_duration_incl_travel_from As above but with travel from job to final destination (home/hotel etc)
work_duration     Start Work to Finish Work
travel_and_work_duration  Travel 'To' Duration + work_duration
travel_duration  Travel to duration
travel_from_duration      Travel from job to final destination
travel_to_and_from_duration  Travel times only
Travel 'To' + Work Duration + Travel 'From'  (i.e. excludes time between arriving on-site and starting work)
To find out calculations for all site attendances on a visit put total_ in front of any of the above  


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