How to Create and Send Jobs using Motivity Workforce

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Login to the Motivity Office website.

  • Click on the Schedule option on the menu
  • On the schedule page, click the Create Job button.
  • It then takes you onto a wizard page to create new jobs by asking you which customer, which site and which contact it's for.
  • You can select from existing or add new ones as you go along
  • At the very end it will ask you to the enter some job notes  (which is what the field workforce will see in the app)
  • Once you've filled this in press the Create and Schedule Now button at the bottom right of the screen
  • It will then you show you the unscheduled new job on the right hand side with the calendar and workforce shown on the left.
  • Change the calendar day to what ever you need it to be on
  • Then just drag the job onto the relevant person and time slot


To send the job out:

  • Go back onto the main Schedule screen in Motivity
  • Click on the little arrow on the bottom left of the job you placed on the schedule.
  • Select send to mobile
  • You'll see the screen refresh to show a paper aeroplane (while it sends it) and will then show a picture of a mobile phone when it arrives on the app.


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