Motivity Workforce Q1 2019 Update

New Features

A New V2 Layout for Motivity Office Website
A more up-to-date layout has been made available in this update.    Also designed to reduce the amount of screen scrolling you need to do.
Main menus moved to slide out panel on left hand side which can be hidden or locked in place.
Other menus and options now appear in panels on right hand side (which can be locked too)
To switch on: Company Settings -> System Parameters -> Website Layout Version V2

New Scheduler
New Month view
Indepedent scrolling of the calendar and the unscheduled jobs list designed to reduce amount of screen scrolling.
Unscheduled section will now show unscheduled 'follow up' visits too
To switch on: Company Settings -> System Parameters -> Website Layout Version V2

Create Extra Unscheduled Visits for the Same job
This is ideal for return / follow on visits. 
If you don't know when the visit needs to be done yet (i.e. waiting for parts) you can still add this so you don't forget about it
You can also add provisional dates to these if you know roughly when the visit needs to be carried out but not who should be doing it yet.
These visits can be seen in the unscheduled jobs section on the schedule.
You must be using the V2 Website Layout (see above)

Closed Jobs Dashlet
See a list of closed jobs on the dashboard page.

Limit Job Types by Customer
We've added this to reduce the possibility of your office staff using incorrect job types when creating jobs for certain customers

Job Wizard - Option to Show Site List First
Raise jobs by searching through the site list  rather than picking a customer first.
This is idea where your customers may not know who their building landlord is.  You can just search the site address (where they are).
To switch this on go to: Company Settings -> System Parameters -> Show Site First on Create Job

Locator Settings Warnings for iPhones
Mirroring what is Motivitiy does for Android devices, the Locator screen will show a warning triangle against any personnel who switched off the location settings or they have denied location permissions on their iphone / iPad

Job List - Expaning Visit List Order
Expandable visits list on the job list page now displays the visits in reverse completion date order (most recent first)

Create Jobs from Customer Page
Clicking 'Create Job' while looking at a customer automatically selects the current customer rather than asking you to select one from scratch.

Moving Visits on Schedule Page
Visits can now be moved to a different time even after being sent to mobile (v2 theme only - see above)

Customer Ref
Label can now be changed (office side only at present).   To change this go to: Company Settings -> System Parameters -> Customer Ref Label
You can also now configure whether the customer ref is mandatory based on which job type is used.

Set Default Manager Per Customer Per Site
This will get carried through to the create job page.   Useful if you have account managers or supervisors responsible for different customers / sites.

Personnel - Visit Tab Improvements
Outstanding and completed visits now shown in separate lists

Option to store the invoice number and invoice value when marking jobs 'Invoiced'
Option to mark jobs as 'Invoiced' immediately, rather than marking 'To Be Invoiced' first

Change Customer on a Job
If you create a job and then realise it's for the wrong customer, you can now correct this (and also the new site for the customer too)

Download Job CSV - Extra Columns
Will include priority & trade fields if you are using these.

Job List
New optional filters by customer and/or site

Customer Sites
In addition to being able to add new sites, there is now an option to assign one or more existing site to that customer

Completing a Visit where Old Visits are still marked Requiring Attention
When a visit has been is marked completed, any previous visits that are marked as needing attention will be marked completed too.



Uploading PDF templates to a job types was not working properly when already using Equipment type PDFs
Download CSV button produces empty CSV file
Display issues when creating/editing equipments (not using correct website style sheet)
Display formatting issue in Equipment type page questions list
Unable to approve new customers/sites after a job has been invocied 
Invoice list display  / fomatting fixes
Route fields still visible even when no routes being used
Long job numbers were overlapping with the job type on the scheduler (works in v2 theme only)


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