Motivity gives you instant
visibility of your business

Motivity gives you instant</br>visibility of your business

An app to manage
your field workforce

Motivity is a very simple, easy to use, software-based business tool for field maintenance and service companies.

It allows your field force to receive jobs and return completed job sheets electronically – all via a mobile device.

Electronic job sheets

Motivity service engineer app makes all your paper-based forms and certificates accessible electronically on any web-enabled device, including tablets, PDAs, mobile phones, and desktop workstations.

It allows you to enter data about jobs at the customer site, and send the information back to the office in real time.

And a powerful business tool …

Information capture tool

Motivity enables you to capture, store and share information about a customer job, including forms, photos and signatures – instantly.

It allows customers to sign off work there and then – using a digital signature. And allows you to share that information with customers as required.



A contract management tool

Motivity provides the information you need to manage your contracts so that you know you’re compliant, have the resources to fulfill the contract, and that you’ll meet your SLAs.

Monitor contract performance to ensure it’s profitable. Plus, win more contracts because you can better estimate costs.

Business management tool 

For senior management, Motivity provides a big-picture view of what is happening in the business, and alerts you of any potential problems, so you can make business decisions when it matters.

You can also invoice for jobs quicker as you don’t have to wait for the paperwork to come in.

Back-office management tool

For your back-office administrators, Motivity provides a reliable tool to make sure no job falls through the cracks.

It allows operations to take control of jobs: instantly know who’s doing what, the status of jobs they’re working on, where they are, and who’s available to take an urgent job request.




Staff safety tool

For your engineers that work in hazardous environments where their health and safety may be at risk, Motivity’s ‘lone worker’ option alerts your office when they don’t respond, providing detailed ‘last-known location’ information, from GPS, mobile phone or Wi-Fi.

 Audit trail tool

Motivity provides digital evidence of work carried out and verified to a date and time.

Whether you just want to keep track of jobs or need to prove ISO compliance, it is a reliable way to capture, store and retrieve customer job information, including forms, certificates, signatures and photographic evidence.

Motivity is a very easy to use, yet powerful, business tool that positively impacts your entire business, not just your field operations.

Let Motivity help you view your business in real time 

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