Why Motivity?
Because paper is too late!

Why Motivity? 
Because paper is too late!

Get more done 

Most field service companies choose Motivity because the paperwork has become too much. However, once they use it, they discover all this other good stuff:

Know what’s going on

Gain insight into your field operations in real time. See what your engineers are working on right now, whether you have enough field engineers to meet your SLAs, where the bottlenecks are, and where you need to take quick corrective action.

Streamlines operations

Save time and reduce costs, by cutting paperwork, administration and travelling time. Your office isn’t buried under paperwork. Information is quicker and easier to find. Your engineers don’t need to return to the office, and you can assign jobs to the closest available engineer.

Win more contracts

Provide better estimates on new contracts. Demonstrate that you have efficient systems in place and an audit trail of activities. Show you are compliant, and able to meet your contractual obligations. And, keep an eye on the detail to ensure contracts are profitable. 

Happier customers

More responsive

Be much more responsive to customer requests. Answer customer queries with greater confidence and clarity. Say with greater accuracy when a job will be done, and re-route engineers to deal with urgent cases quicker. Oh, and fewer customer complaints because you just get on and do the job!

Demonstrate compliance

When bidding for new contracts, Motivity provides the evidence that you will be compliant with contracts and have a reliable audit trail. Motivity also enables you to keep track of useful customer information such as site equipment, maintenance history and service contracts.

Look professional

Motivity helps you to be more organised. It provides easier and faster access to customer, job and site information, it keeps engineers connected and fully informed when they get to a customer site, and provides a detailed record of jobs done, including signatures and photographic evidence. 

Simple to use

Easy to get up and running

We will work with you to develop the right solution to meet your needs, including helping you with the hardware, software and more. We’ll work with you until the system is fully installed, all users trained and you’re happily using the system.

Intuitive to use

Engineers from a number of service sectors have helped to design Motivity. Our first priority was to make sure the screens were clearly laid out and intuitive to use. Then to cut down on the typing by using ‘point and tap’ and drop down lists, saving on input time and reducing chance of errors.

No Signal? No Problem!

Motivity is designed to work without a full time mobile or Wi-Fi signal. Your field engineers can still enter information into their devices as normal. When they’re back in range the system will automatically send all their updates. 

Let Motivity help you offer an exceptional service

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