A busy few months - Quick Update on Projects

We thought it would be a good idea just to summarise some of the projects we've been working on.

  • Repair and Service Sheets for Mobile Elecricians -  They are service partners for UKs top industrial battery manufacturers (used in Forklift trucks etc). Motivity will generate the correct service sheet for the relevant battery company too - rather than then carrying around loads of different job sheet pads.
  • More service sheets for Industrial Door Companies - Different check sheets generated for each type of door, dock leveller, barrier etc.
  • Silo inspections - Motivity is being used by engineers to complete very complex multi-page service reports
  • Glazing Repairs - A new industry for Motivity.  The company in question can now complete repair reports on site with photos and they can be e-mailed directly to their own customers head office.
  • Commercial Kitchens - Fabric / Ventilation / Kitchen Installer reports
  • Commercial Catering - Equipment Installation, Repair and Service Reports
  • Industrial Door - Certificates of Conformity
  • Water Cooler Installation and supply deliveries.   This nationwide company have replaced paper pads with Motivity to help improve delivery and collection reporting.

 If you work in similar industries and would like to know how Motivity can help you - then just fill in our contact form and we'll call you back.

Mobile Electricians, Battery Maintenance, Glazing Repairs, Industrial Doors, Commercial Catering, Silo Inspections, Water Cooler Deliveries, Certificates Of Conformity

Today we're helping: A global postal / mailing equipment company manage their field work reporting

Currently helping their UK operation to go paperless.

By integrating with their existing back-office systems, such as Siebel CRM, this gives them the ability to send work directly to their nationwide engineers.

Rather than relying on paper and e-mail rotas, Motivity provides engineers with up-to-date service schedules, install jobs, breakdowns, training sessions etc.

They can even schedule / re-schedule appointments directly from their phone which instantly updates the office too so everyone is kept up-to-date with engineer commitments.



Siebel, Electronic Job Sheet, Meter Reading, Appointment Scheduling

Today we're helping: A Fire Safety Company with FDIS Fire Door Inspection Reports

Swift Automatic Doors and Security provide a fire door inspection service to their public and private sector clients. The process has been very paper intensive involving a report for every door  and an overall summary page (with signatures)


We've now digitised this for them so the fire door inspections can be carried out on their smartphones and tablets.

Once the initial audit is done, the doors are stored ready for the next visit.

Apart from the obvious paper saving the other bonuses include immediate access to previous visit reports; alerts in the office if there are any doors that fail; photo evidence embedded into the reports; automatic e-mailing of reports direct to the premises occupants and managing agents / landlord if appropriate.

FDIS, Fire Door Inspection, Fire Safety, Inspection Sheet

Still using paper vehicle condition reports? - We can help...

Paper based weekly van check sheets are an administrative pain.

  •  Engineers have to remember to fill them in at the start of each week.
  •  They have to then remember to drop them off at the office next time they visit.
  •  When the office get them, they need to read through them to identify any problems.  
  •  Any problems found could be over a week old depending on when the engineer dropped the check sheet off.
  •  The reports then need to be filed in an ever expanding filing cabinet should they be required in the future.


Today, we're helping another company move off the paper vehicle checksheets so the engineers can fill them in electronically instead.'s not just a case of replacing paper with an on-screen version :- 

  • Motivity will proactively alert engineers at the start of the week to carry out the vehicle or van check.
  • It can optionally force them to complete it before being able to start any job.
  • Configure mandatory questions for the important checks and optional ones for reporting other less critical things
  • Engineers can include photos that get embeded into the vehicle check report that goes back to the office.
  • As soon as the engineer completes the report it is sent back to the office and filed electronically under their personnel records in Motivity.
  • At the office, it cuts out the process of checking each form by getting Motivity to only alert you to situations that are important - such as a 'crack in the windscreen'


In a well as saving paper.....

  • You'll be getting all reports back on time, every time
  • They will be filed correctly for easy retrieval
  • It saves time not having to check every form and only be alerted when there are problems.


If you're interested, why not get in touch for a free trial today - call us on 0114 243 5544




Vehicle Condition Report, Van Checklist, Compliance, Van Check Sheet

Today we're helping: A Commercial Property Maintenance Company with PPM Reports

D2 Electrical and D2 Maintenance provide property maintenance services to shops and business across London and the South of England.

They have recently taken on new contract to provide planned preventative maintainance (PPM) for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

D2 engineers are established Motivity users, and as per previous new contracts, have asked us if we can convert the traditional PPM field report sheet so that it's available for completion on their phones and tablets.

This removes the reliance of filing in a paper copy then driving them back to the office to be posted or scanned to the customer at some point in the future.

Using Motivity, completed reports will get e-mailed direct to customers as soon as the work is complete.

The are also automatically filed in Motivity for easy recollection if there are any enquiries in the future.

 If you've got similar requirements, why not contact us today for a free trial.

PPM, D2 Maintenance, Planned Prevenative Maintenance, Motivity

Today we're helping: An industrial door maintenance company go paperless

Today we're helping an industrial door maintenance company go paperless by converting more of their field paperwork into Motivity digital forms.

Service sheets for

  • roller shutter doors,
  • sliding doors,
  • Folding doors

will now automatically pop up on engineers phones and tablets for them to complete on site.

Industrial Door Maintenance, Paperwork, Digital Forms, Risk Assessment

Paperless Reporting for Traffic Management Company - Coneworx

Coneworx have been providing nationwide traffic management solutions for over 50 years from their headquarters in Scotland. From simple road closures and diversion routes through to temporary traffic signals, temporary barrier works, temporary road markings and the design and implementation of large motorway schemes.


With their 100+ strong workforce, field paperwork reporting had started to become a bottle neck for their operations team.

Motivity is now linked directly with their existing back-office software enabling jobs to be sent directly to their workforce and transmitted back upon completion.

As well as handling a vast range of different job types and dynamic changes in operative rotas, Motivity is also being used to handle vehicle checks and site risk assessments.


Traffic Management, Job Sheet, Operatives, TTM

In Need of a Permit to Work at Heights?

We often get asked what types of forms can we put onto our Motivity Workforce app, and the answer is pretty much anything.

One of today's tasks has been setting up a Permit to Work at Heights form for one of our customers in the automated door industry.

They do a lot of work on rail and underground stations where documentating adherance to safety procedures is paramount.

They simply sent us a copy of their paper form and we did the rest, with an electronic copy being made available to their engineers automatically.

Now...rather than having reams of paper pads to carry on site with them, if they need a permit they just:-

  • Go into the Motivity Workforce App
  • Tap on Additional Forms
  • Pick out the Permit to Work at Heights form.
  • Fill in the relevant sections (some of which are pre-populated)
  • Get signature from the customer at the start and then at the end.
  • The permit documentation will be automatically sent to the engineers office (and optionally to the customer too)
Permit, Motivity, Digital Forms, Health And Safety, Railway, Underground

Modern Methods

modern-methods.jpgThere’s a lot to be said about the old fashioned way of doing things, certainly if you’re the type that defaults to the tried and tested methods, and honestly we can’t disagree with that approach! There are plenty of places where a traditional method can work best, and we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t stick to what we knew many times in our lives – but sometimes it can be much, much better to opt in for a more modern solution.

Take paperwork for example, as it’s the perfect example of an old fashioned practice that time and time again proves to be more of a hindrance than an asset in a business environment – especially in one where the effective management of field staff and an active workforce is key.

You’re always running the risk of jobs falling through the cracks when relying on paperwork, and work failing to meet proper standards due to a lack of mediation because of the limitations that physical work sheets and forms impose. You may even already be tired of field staff losing out on precious time on account of having to drive back and forth in order to deliver completed work sheets and collect new ones, especially when traffic is involved, in which case we here at Motivity Mobile definitely have something you’ll want to see.

We’re talking about our workforce software, of course, as it’s the ideal way to get rid of paperwork once and for all. With fully digital job sheets able to be sent instantly between your office and workforce instantly and on the go, with real time monitoring and more making sure you’re never out of the loop, you’ll instantly see an increase in the efficiency and productivity on your business. What’s more, you’re sure to find similarities with the traditional ways of doing things in our workforce software, only now we’ve eliminated all of the hindrances that made those established methods just a little bit too dated.

What’s stopping you from giving us a call? Here at Motivity Mobile we’re always waiting to extend a helping hand in the form of our expert workforce software, so don’t wait to update your business to an entirely new and efficient method of management as soon as you can. We’re always ready to hear from you; pick up the phone or drop us an email via the details on our contact page.

Workforce Software

Making Management Easy

making-management-easy.jpgFeaturing a host of innovative design features and an incredibly easy to use interface that can prove invaluable to anyone looking to make managing their workforce as simple and free of stress as possible, we here at Motivity Mobile have been providing the perfect workforce software for a long time now, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be stopping soon.

It’s only natural that any business owner would want to keep tabs on their employees out in the field, after all, and our fantastic software is the natural choice!

Making sure that you receive nothing but the most up-to-date information that strives to be accurate down to the minute, our workforce software can be used either as an app on its own or as an integrated part of existing office software. Both are incredible ways to guarantee that monitoring your business around the clock will be easier than ever, as you’ll no longer have to risk working blind, and you’ll know much more than you ever did before at the push of a button.

Do you need to know if your customers are happy and satisfied? Would you like to instantly know when a job’s been completed, and if the work has met all of the standards that you’re looking to uphold? Our workforce software is the perfect thing for you, and that isn’t all it can do. We’re just waiting to help you discover all of the many benefits gained from making full use of our workforce software in your day to day life, so why not get in touch as soon as you can? There’s never been a better time for it!

If you’ve been searching high and low for the ideal tool to manage your field force effectively and without issue, you’ll definitely want to check out what our workforce software is able to do for your business. You can get in contact at any time with whatever questions or queries you might have for us, and our friendly team will always be more than able to provide you with the answers you need, so why wait?

Workforce Software

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