Losing Power at your Offices Doesn't Mean Losing Job Sheets

No Power? No Problem!

Yesterday one of our customers reported a localised power cut meaning no electricity to any businesses in the area for a few hours.

Not being able to use any office computers, they were worried what would happen to all the job sheets done by their engineers during this time.

Would all the job sheets be lost?

The good news is that Motivity is designed to handle problems like this using our resilient messaging technology.

When engineers complete job sheets on their phones or tablets, they are transmitted through our messaging service.

If your office has a power cut or an internet outage, we hold on to the job sheets until the problem is resolved.

As soon as your power or internet is restored Motivity automatically sends through any job sheets done during the outage.

Your system will be back up-to-date in minutes.

This is just one of the reasons why hundreds of service engineers rely on Motivity for their daily job reporting.

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Helping Property Maintenance Companies Win More Business

If you specialise in Property Maintenance then our latest case study is a must.

PARCS Ltd, have been using Motivity for many years now.  Their customer portfolio includes public sector, commercial and residential properties across the south of England .  They provide a full range of reactive and planned property maintenance services including  elecrical, plumbing and general building works.

Wendy Rose, Director at PARCS has kindly given a detailed account of how Motivity has not only streamlined their business but is also helping them win more contracts.

Click here to read the full article

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Why sending your engineers to their local Caf' and NOT your office CAN make your business more productive.

Picture the scene,  engineer Dave has just completed an excellent job at one of your customer sites across the other side of the city. He now has to get in his van and battle his way through the traffic to drop off his daily job sheets and pick up his work for tomorrow.

On a good day it could be 30 mins - on a bad day 1 hour?

That's almost 1/2 a day a week wasted!

 With Motivity,  Dave can see all the jobs he has to do on his smartphone or tablet.   At the end of each job he simply completes the electronic job sheet and at the push of a button they will be transmitted back instantly to your office.

The only driving he needs to do now - is to go to his next job.

Rather than driving to drop off the sheets - give him  Motivity and 5 mins in the local Caf and he could even send them back via their free wi-fi!

Happy engineers, happy customers and a quick boost to the local economy.


Need convincing?   Take our free trial and see for yourselves.


Time Is Money - 6 ways Motivity Mobile can improve your customer service response rates!

We are all consumers in one form or another, we all purchase products or services every day of our lives and we all crave good customer service. Think of the last time you had a bad customer service experience; did you use that company again? Probably not, or at least it made you resent using that company, in fact, in 2011, 86% of customers who have had a bad customer service experience did not do business with that company again.

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The best device for your workforce management software!


Choosing the right device for your company can be a complicated process, the beauty with android software is that it is compatible with a range of smart phones and tablets, which makes your decision a little harder. You have to consider that your field engineers will use these phones every day for the foreseeable future, they need to be reliable, easy to use and portable. So what are the choices?

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Will smart watches be used for for workforce management software?


With Apple only a few months away from releasing their highly anticipated (late out of the gate) smart watch, it got us thinking, if smart phones could revolutionise workforce management software, could smart watches do the same?

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How workforce management software will streamline your business!

Have you ever discovered software or an app that makes your life ten times easier. With the introduction of smart phones nearly 10 years ago we are a species that have embraced everything being accessible by reaching into our pockets. If you're personal life can be made this efficient, why can't this be applied to your work life? Well, it can.

Motivity, created by Appstation, is an android based software which allows two way communication with your field staff anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, replacing paperwork. So how can Motivity streamline your business?

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