How workforce management software will streamline your business!

Have you ever discovered software or an app that makes your life ten times easier. With the introduction of smart phones nearly 10 years ago we are a species that have embraced everything being accessible by reaching into our pockets. If you're personal life can be made this efficient, why can't this be applied to your work life? Well, it can.

Motivity, created by Appstation, is an android based software which allows two way communication with your field staff anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, replacing paperwork. So how can Motivity streamline your business?

Go Paperless

Did you know that an average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper annually and with the average case of paper costing around £25, that's £50 per worker. That's just on paper cost, without looking at printing costs, ink, delivery etc. In fact it can cost up to 31 times the original cost to send information on paper. Doesn't it make sense in such a digital age that we significantly reduce the amount of paper we use? This is what Motivity can do, it significantly reduces your dependence on paper by managing all of your jobs from your device in the field! Not only this, but field staff can receive all work orders and job information directly from the office to their device and can capture customers signatures and photograph any issues in the field to attach to a job. Information can also be attached to a job by scanning QR codes and barcodes. All Motivity's features make it easy for a company to operate a near paperless system.

Efficient invoicing

Invoicing can be incredibly inefficient and slow, we've all been there, waiting for paperwork to be passed through, pulling your hair out waiting for job completion confirmation. All this can be eradicated with Motivity, as completion of the job can be sent in real-time, meaning invoices can be sent out that same day, speeding up the invoice process significantly.

Don't lose out because your mobile signal does

You might be thinking, "well paper doesn't need mobile signal, what if I have no signal to record data using my smartphone". This might be a problem for many other applications, technology has come a long way but mobile signal dead zones are still a problem, but not for Motivity. Your field staff can record the data with no signal, then when they next have signal, Motivity will send all the updates. This makes Motivity highly versatile, as no time is wasted searching or waiting for a signal!

Extremely user friendly

The app was designed for the engineers in the field, by engineers in the field. Therefore it's incredibly user friendly for the people that use it (field engineers). Everything is clearly laid out, with drop down lists, this means no time wasted typing and there is a significant reduction in human errors. The user friendly nature of the app allows users to easily record all of the work carried out on site and take photos of any issues in the field, making it easy to attach this information to a job.

Always in the know

If you're in the office and not in the field, it's important that you're kept up to date with information passed through from your staff in the field. Now this is very difficult to do with other systems or with other forms of communications, information may get lost in translation or confused with another job, the amount of human errors that could occur are endless. Motivity eradicates all of these errors by allowing you to:

  • Accurately pin-point the location of your field engineers and what they are working on.
  • View all your jobs on one map along with the relevant customer information.
  • View everything on one job, as staff can easily attach every bit of information to a job.
  • Communicate with all your staff in real time.

So if you're fed up of the amount of time and money you spend dealing with paperwork, if you want to speed up your invoicing, improve communication and incorporate everything in one app that's right at your fingertips, then Motivity is for you!


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