Losing Power at your Offices Doesn't Mean Losing Job Sheets

No Power? No Problem!

Yesterday one of our customers reported a localised power cut meaning no electricity to any businesses in the area for a few hours.

Not being able to use any office computers, they were worried what would happen to all the job sheets done by their engineers during this time.

Would all the job sheets be lost?

The good news is that Motivity is designed to handle problems like this using our resilient messaging technology.

When engineers complete job sheets on their phones or tablets, they are transmitted through our messaging service.

If your office has a power cut or an internet outage, we hold on to the job sheets until the problem is resolved.

As soon as your power or internet is restored Motivity automatically sends through any job sheets done during the outage.

Your system will be back up-to-date in minutes.

This is just one of the reasons why hundreds of service engineers rely on Motivity for their daily job reporting.

Get this peace of mind in your company - call us now on 0114 243 5544




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